Hair to African women was a thing of pride, women gathered to socialize while styling each other. Due to colonization we lost our way but we are finally on the right track. While in Nigeria i grew up with low cut till about age 8, then i got relaxer in other to stretch my hair long enough to be styled. Well that was the reasoning, my hair grew but i hated the pain, time it took and all so i asked my aunt to cut it. Which she did, and then some. Long story short she made me bald, i had people asking me if someone died (being igbo and all ) but my hair grew and i went natural. I never took care of my hair, i hated washing it or even doing anything to it but i had to due to weekly hairstyle required by my secondary school. Everytime i went to get it styled i always end up being the last, and the attention it brought was not positive. When i got to America my mom relaxed my hair, and so began my relaxer journey again. In 2013 i went natural again after experiencing breakage due to using super relaxer (the only kind that could relax it). I found an article in bellanaija about a Nigerian girl that grew her hair long, no relaxer. I was amazed, i started researching more, watching the few YouTube videos and i found Ijeoma. I found an Igbo girl that has amazing hair, i was sold, and so i cut my hair few days to graduation. A few years later more African women ( i rather call you African than black, what is black?) are going natural, taking that bold step to love yourself as you are is truly liberating. Ntutu means hair in my language ( Igbo ).

Model : Ijeoma Kola