3 simple Business advices by my Uncle

Hello guys, how are you doing today. If you are new welcome, take a look around and relax. Today's post is going to be a few business advice i got from my uncle who runs a business in Nigeria. Instead of doing quick google search i decided to ask someone that is actually involved in it, especially in Nigeria.


Before you even think of starting anything you should first identify what you really want to do and nurse the idea until you are convinced about it. 


Time management is a great aspect of the business, but it can be very difficult in Nigeria because of the many perplexing business atmospheres in Nigeria so I will rather advise you persevere and work hard to meet up with the setbacks rather than letting the time laps discourage you. It might be hard but as long as you hold on long enough to that dream and give it your best it will keep getting better. 


Traffic in Nigeria especially in megacities like Lagos can be a setback to your business because of time management, so move less, drive less, use public transport more to avoid holdups and work smart. It is better to spend your time working on something important that moving around, only move when it is necessary. 

I know this is very short but i would rather it be short and you get a thing or two from it than a long list you end up getting nothing from, i hope this has helped you in some shape or form. Remember to keep going and it will eventually get better. Good luck everyone

                                                         xoxo Dinma.