3 Basics of Natural hair

Hello guys welcome back , if you are new welcome and take a look around. My post today is going to be basics of taking care of Natural hair. When it comes to our hair we tend to have no patience, we are so used to weaves and wigs that are straight and easy to manage that when it comes to our own hair we tend to forget that coily hair will surely demand time, do you think it is easy to be the only type of hair in the world that stands up? give her/him some respect and take care of it. 


Every time i meet someone (especially during my vacation in Nigeria) and they say what do you do to your hair, i reply with water they are always surprised and seem to not be able to comprehend how ordinary water (like one lady said to me) can be my secret weapon. But if we can comprehend that water is the essence of life, everything needs it to properly grow and function, why not our hair?.  All you need is to damp your hair either through a spray bottle or in the shower.
  Under moisture, applying a leave in conditioner or hair moisturizer and sealing with oil is important, the drier your hair is the more likely it is to break off.

Protective styling

Protective styling can either make or break your hair. I recently came to the realization that long term protective styles do more damage than good for my hair. I tend to neglect my hair which is wrong. When doing protective styling you should never use it as an excuse to stop caring for your hair. The whole point of the protective style is to give your hair a break and keep your fingers out of it, not to be forgotten for 1-2 months. So instead i have decided to do short term protective styles such as twists that last a week or two, but most importantly keep taking care of my hair.

  Also, the method in which you take down your protective styles matter. Don't ever take down your style on dry hair, don't even attempt it. What you should do instead is wet your hair and apply any cheap conditioner you don't mind wasting, so it gives your hair slip and the braid or whatever style is able to come off with less damage to your hair.


I need you to have one thing at the back of your mind, natural hair naturally tangles, which means no matter how much you comb, brush, finger detangle it will still have tangles. I stopped combing my hair and i honestly don't even bother detangling, i consider it a waste of time and a quick and easy way to break off my hair. The only time i detangle my hair is when i am washing it, and it is soaking wet with conditioner in it, after that i honestly don't bother. The only two times i advice using a comb or brush in natural hair is when you want to style and when you are washing, anything other than that is a waste of time and causing hair breakage.

The picture you see is my hair growth in a year, have in mind genetics also plays a great role when it comes to how fast your hair grows. But taking care of your coils by listening to it and keeping it properly moisturized also helps. I hope you learned a thing or two from this post, thank you for reading.

                                                                            xoxo Dinma