Hello guys welcome back to my blog, if you are new welcome and take a look at my old posts. This is a very short post actually, recently i have watched Kung Fu Panda back to back. RE-watching it gave me a new insight in the movie, and i actually learnt a thing or two lol (i know ).

 I learnt that you can not rush the process of becoming the best you possible or getting your life together, i know we live in a society where there are expectations for us at certain age. We are supposed to graduate from school, get a job then start popping out babies all in our 20s. When we see our peers doing these things we feel so much pressure because we havent gotten there yet but you have to understand our destinies are different so is our path in life. 

There is an Igbo saying that goes "wherever the person running gets to, the person walking will also get" this proverb really consoles me whenever i start feeling lost and sad about not being in the same spot in life as my peers. It does get upsetting to have the feeling of not knowing what you are doing with your life but everything will fall into place, just go with the flow, do what you have to do ( putting in work so you can accomplish your goals) then let the rest fall into place. 

It may seem like nothing you do works or your life is heading to nowhere  but you have to understand the beautiful butterfly was once a caterpillar who had to undergo certain changes at the right time, no matter how early it wished to become a butterfly it had to be patient.

Take time to relax, you need it.

Thank you for reading, do you ever feel pressured to get your life together as soon as possible? let us know in the comment section below.