How to get rid of Acne (Part 1)

Hi guys welcome back to my blog, this post is all about getting rid of that stubborn acne that just don't want to let you be. Earlier last year I was breaking badly and quickly. Before i knew what was happening i had spots everywhere on my face. My self esteem was badly affected by this so i know how you may be feeling right now.

Through my journey to cure myself i did a few research and found that hormonal acne(the one that mostly occurs on your jaw line and chin area) is usually caused by excess testosterone in women, but sometimes like in my case your testosterone level may be normal but your skin will still be very sensitive to it. 

With that being said it made so much more sense why nothing i applied tropically was working. Nothing was working because i was simply trying to treat the result instead of the root of the problem, which is why i decided to break down this post into two and this part is all about internally clearing your acne.

Get Rid of Sugar

We all love sugary things even though we know it does more harm than good. When it comes to your skin sugar and food that when digested quickly converts into glucose (such as white rice, bread, pasta etc) will cause your insulin level to spike up which leads to a burst of inflammation throughout the body. Insulin spikes can increase production of skin oil and contributes to your pores being clogged which lead to acne. But having sugary food every now and then isn't going to break you out very badly so relax lol. 


Drink more water

Water is an essential part of life, it helps the body to flush out toxins that may be building up in your body. Your body needs water to function very well and properly remove toxins. Your body removes waste through your bowels and kidney but when those systems are backed up by the lack of water (water helps in dissolving the waste so your body can easily remove it) it tries to remove it from the skin which can lead to acne.


Eat balanced diet

Since we know that some food may be doing more harm than good (sugary food for example) why not know more of what to eat. I am going to sound like a broken record but fruits, vegetables, and a balanced diet is honestly the key. When i say balanced diet i dont mean anything complicated, i still eat rice, beans, farina and every other Nigerian food you can think of but i simply substituted. Instead of white rice i eat brown, when eating farina i make sure to put more vegetable in the soup than meat or farina. Being aware of what you eat will greatly help you make better choices and see results


Avoid Dairy

Dairy products for me break me out and it may just be the culprit in your case. Substituting cow's milk to almond milk was a great choice for me. I also take soy milk because soy helps in reducing testosterone levels in women so i would advise guys not to take it.



I also took supplements such as evening primrose oil pills, milk thistle. Milk thistle helps in liver detoxing. It assists your liver in doing its job better (toxin elimination = less chance of it being eliminated through skin = no acne) it also helps your liver in creating new cells and my favorite is it helps in removing excess testosterone. Evening primrose oil helps in your period symptoms and balancing your hormones.

These were the simple ways i cured my acne internally. Curing acne is honestly a two step thing, you can't simply rely on tropical products because they are not really treating the root of the problem. Try out these things and let me know how they worked for you, remember to be patient no such thing as an overnight cure for acne. 

Did i miss anything important? are you doing something different? please share with us in the comments below.

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