Life is never easy, every now and then something unexpected knocks you to your knees. It may seem like nothing good is ever going to happy, or that there is always something after another and no true moment of happiness. I was in that situation a while back and I am proud to say I made the best out of a bad situation and upgraded myself.
I like to think of me know as chidinma 2.0, these are a few of what i did to always see the better side in every situation

1) Less Stress 

I am beginning to sound like a broken record, I mean duh? but hear me out lol. I have a new way of looking at life, i believe in destiny and i believe that things will eventually fall into place. I believe that things happen for a specific reason, I may not immediately see the connection but eventually, I realize why A had to happen for B to happen. In summation, there is a reason for everything so there is no reason to cry over spilled milk.

2) Let go

Try to learn how to let go. Staying angry, unhappy about a situation is only going to make the healing process longer. Whenever i find myself in a toxic situation i try to come to peace with the situation. It has happened and isn't going to unhappen so why not let go and put it in the past just like the situation. Thinking of the past in the present means there would be no future because you will be stuck in the present for not letting go of the past. 

3) Pause

Before you start worrying and stressing ask yourself can i fix this? if so do so if not take a deep breath and let go. Chemistry says for every action there is a reaction, well not in this case, every action does not deserve a reaction. Your inner peace is extremely important, and should be valued more than anything in this world for you can not be truly happy if you are not at peace. 

What do you do to stay positive, let me know your thoughts.