Hair me

What exactly is wrong with my hair?
Do you not realize you are in the presence of an African Queen?

3 simple Business advices by my Uncle

Hello guys, how are you doing today. If you are new welcome, take a look around and relax. Today's post is going to be a few business advice i got from my uncle who runs a business in Nigeria. Instead of doing quick google search i decided to ask someone that is actually involved in it, especially in Nigeria.

3 Basics of Natural hair

Hello guys welcome back , if you are new welcome and take a look around. My post today is going to be basics of taking care of Natural hair. When it comes to our hair we tend to have no patience, we are so used to weaves and wigs that are straight and easy to manage that when it comes to our own hair we tend to forget that coily hair will surely demand time, do you think it is easy to be the only type of hair in the world that stands up? give her/him some respect and take care of it. 

Looking Eyes

Looking eyes 
What do you see 
When you look at my skin
Looking eyes

Poem of the day


Hello old friend
Seems to be a while
Last time we encountered you 


Hello, guys welcome back to my blog if you are new welcome and take a look at my old posts. This is a very short post actually, recently I have watched Kung Fu Panda back to back. Re-watching it gave me a new insight into the movie, and I actually learned a thing or two lol (i know ).